Distribution Packaging – Learn about Future Trends and Solutions

The 4th ISTA European Packaging Symposium, organized by ISTA and the Fraunhofer Institute, will be held November 6 & 7 at Fraunhofer’s facilities in the Dortmund, Germany. Speakers including Ericsson, CHEP, Bonn University, Lufthansa Cargo, BSH, HP, BFSV, DHL, Smithers-PIRA, Sealed Air, Fraunhofer IML, INCPEN, and others, will bring case studies as well as new information during this valued event.

This Symposium offers rich opportunity for increasing brand value by delivering reduced damage, reduced costs and elimination of unnecessary use of materials, as well enhanced customer service through increased reliability and improved lead times. Attend the event, meet the industry experts, and learn how to access this unlocked value.

Presentations will give a practical insight into economic and environmental optimisation of packaging for distribution, and on latest techniques in pre-shipment testing of packaged products, and on sustainability in packaging. The event will provide practical benefit to delegates on the critical link between packaging and logistics, focusing on cost savings and delivering against sustainability requirements.

The event will appeal to packaging users and producers as well as retailers and other supply chain stakeholders; content will be relevant to the range of market sectors, from consumer goods and electronics, to industrial products and medical/pharmaceutical sectors.

This ISTA event is hosted by Fraunhofer IML, based in Dortmund, promising great networking and an enjoyable and informative event, building on the success of the last three year’s events.

ADDED SYMPOSIUM BONUS: Discover the Advantages of Being Certified!

Become an ISTA Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional (CPLP) while attending the European Packaging Symposium! CPLP Technician and Technologist sessions will be offered after the Symposium on November 8 & 9 and will be conducted by David Shires from Smithers Pira. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION