Buses Planning & Meeting Points

Wednesday, 8th March
- Meeting Point: Corner Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace; Destination: ITENE
- Meeting Point: ITENE; Destination: Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace
- Meeting Point: Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace; Destination: Falla Cuba Literato Azorín
- Meeting Point: Falla Cuba Literato Azorín; Destination: Contrapunto Les Arts Restaurant
23:30 (aprox)
- Meeting Point: Contrapunto Les Arts Restaurant; Destination: Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace

Thursday, 9th March
08:00 - Meeting Point: Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace; Destination: El Saler Shopping Center
08:30 - Meeting Point: El Saler Shopping Center; Destination: Valencia Port
11:30 - Meeting Point: Valencia Port; Destination: ITENE
17:00 - Meeting Point: ITENE; Destination: Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace

We can order taxis for attendees who need to go straight to the Airport anytime. A form will be provided during the Symposium

Where's every Meeting Point?
Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace
Plaza de Rodrigo Botet, 5 46002, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: (+34) 96 3981000
Fax: (+34) 96 3981010

ITENE facilities
C/Albert Einstein, 1 46980, Paterna (Spain)
Tel.: (+34) 96 1820000
Fax: (+34) 96 1820001

Falla Cuba Literato Azorín
C/Literato Azorín 37
46006 Valencia (Spain)

Contrapunto Les Arts Restaurant
Avenida del Profesor López Piñero, 1
46013 Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: (+34) 675 365 474

El Saler Shopping Center
Av. del Professor López Piñero, 16 46013 Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: (+34) 963 95 70 12

Valencia Port
Tel: (+34) 96 393 95 00
Fax: (+34) 96 393 94 25


Tuesday 7th March, 2017
19:30 Welcome Reception sponsored by SEALED AIR
Javier Zabaleta- Chair of ISTA Europe Board/Managing Director, ITENE



Wednesday 8th March, 2017
08:30 Breakfast Reception

09:30 Welcome
AJ Gruber- President, ISTA
Javier Zabaleta- Managing Director, ITENE

09:45 Meet your fellow delegates

10:00 e-Commerce from a consumer packaging perspective
James White- Project Manager, SMITHERS PIRA

10:30 Competitiveness, load stability, cargo securing and sustainability travel together. A Real Business Case
Ángel David Hernandez- Senior Consultant & EUMOS Founding Member, VALUEING
Juan Luis Miranda- Operational Excellence Director, COCA COLA EUROPEAN PARTNERS

11:00 Coffee with the Exhibitors

11:30 Success in e-Commerce and export
Eva Zurita- Product & Purchase Manager, RAJAPACK

12:00 The NVC Innovation project web retail packaging: Working together on the sustained future of e-Commerce
via packaging innovation

Michael Nieuwesteeg- Managing Director, NVC NETHERLANDS PACKAGING CENTRE

12:30 Finding answers to the logistics needs of e-Commerce food shippers
Martin Seburschenich- Packaging Consultant, UNITED PARCEL SERVICE DEUTSCHLAND

13:00 Lunch with the Exhibitors

14:00 HIGH-IMPACT PRESENTATION: The investigation of shock and vibration of tracks during transport for museum objects
Hiroshi Wada- Senior Manager of Preventive Conservation, TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM

14:30 Advancements in testing for e-Commerce and other technical developments
Eric Hiser, Vice President - Technical, ISTA

15:00 Short break- Coffee available

15:10 Virtual simulation of package testing: Considerations for material characterization, modeling & simulation for testing of engineered packaging solutions
Matt Thompson- Executive Director, Packaging Technology, SEALED AIR

15:40 Testing and verification of packaging solutions needed in multichannel retailing
Allan Dickner- Acting Packaging Manager, IKEA OF SWEDEN

16:10 Benefits of multiaxial testing for a more accurate simulation of distribution
Joan B. Alcaraz- Product and Packaging testing, Business Manager, ITENE

16:40 Panel discussion

17:10 Demo session in the Transport Simulation Center of ITENE

18:00 Close of day 1

19:15 Guided tour of Fallas monument set up "plantà" and streetlights display

20:30 Official Dinner sponsored by DS SMITH-TECNICARTON



Thursday 9th March, 2017
09:00 Guided boat tour of the Valencia Port

11:00 Coffee break

12:00 Pallets get smart
Gerrit Hasselmann- Project Manager/ Head Laboratory, Packaging Test & Research, FRAUNHOFER IML

12:30 Dimensional weight: A game of fractions
Robert Meisner- Packaging Program Director and Associate, Professor- UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN STOUT

13:00 Analysis of a transportation by drone
Victor Huart- Research and Development Manager, METROPACK

13:30 Lunch with the Exhibitors

14:30 HIGH-IMPACT PRESENTATION: Innovation process in packaging design as a competitive factor
Antonio Cebrián- Marketing Director, DS SMITH-TECNICARTON

15:00 Moving Goods Safely – It Impacts YOU! – Dow Solutions for Improved Load Stability
Giulano Butti- Value Chain Manager EMEA, Packaging & Specialty Plastics, DOW EUROPE
Antonio Manrique- Industrial & Consumer Packaging Application Technology Leader, DOW CHEMICAL IBÉRICA

15:30 Corrugated boxes: HP setting a new internal standard for box strength calculation and how to make use of semi chemical papers for airfreight weight reductions
Stefan Wenner- Packaging Logistics Program Lead, HP

16:00 Closing remarks

16:30 End of Symposium