ISTA's 2017 European Packaging Symposium Speakers:

Benefits of Multiaxial Testing for a More Accurate Simulation of Distribution



Joan B. Alcaraz
Product and Packaging Testing Business Manager at






Biography: MSc in Engineering (Open University, UK), BSc in Industrial Design (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and BH in Administration (Universidad de Valencia). Professional Specialisation Diploma in Packaging Technology (ITENE). Achievements: Contributed to the development of several machines for testing equipment, such as Machine For Testing Cushioning Material For Packaging (Nº Pat. P201130309), Machine that simulates the movement produced during transport (Nº Pat. P201130308), and other product related patents.

Moving Goods Safely – It Impacts YOU! – Dow Solutions for Improved Load Stability



Giuliano Butti
Value Chain Manager EMEA
Packaging & Specialty Plastics
Dow Europe GmbH



Antonio Manrique
Industrial & Consumer Packaging Application Technology Leader
Dow Chemical Ibérica



As one of the key industry leaders, Dow is driving innovations that combine the power of science and technology to help address one of the world's most challenging problem: the need for safer transportation. The broad product portfolio and strong collaboration mindset are embedded in the “move it safely” concept. In a world where globalization demands safer, cheaper and more sustainable transport solutions, moving goods safely can be a challenge. In this session, we will elaborate on how creativity and the power of collaboration can result in state-of-the-art solutions for safer & stable transportation packaging systems.



Giuliano Butti Biography: Education: Double MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

Antonio Manrique Biography: PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.

Innovation Process in Packaging Design as a Competitive Factor



Antonio Cebrián
Marketing Director



The presentation will review how to build a system and a process where the innovation is the base of the value offer of the company, and afterwards the main competitive factor.

How apart from design, the complete organization is focus on offering innovative ideas and solutions from production, supply chain, marketing, production, IT… and how it is organized: ideas flow, project evaluation, project management and project launch.

We will discover a particular packaging design process where there is no matter the material involved (corrugated, pp, Phde, Timber, metal) neither the technology used (corrugation, extrusion, thermoforming, mechanization) to offer a unique and complete packaging solution and how the technical laboratories are an essential part of this process.



Biography: Education: Marketing and Commercial Management Degree, Master in Business Administration.

Testing and Verification of Packaging Solutions Needed in Multichannel Retailing



Allan Dickner
Acting Packaging Manager
IKEA of Sweden AB






Pallets Get Smart



Gerrit Hasselmann
Project-Manager /Head Laboratory Packaging Test & Research
Fraunhofer Institute Material Flow and Logistics


The so-called Euro pallet got into the market early 1960 by the UIC. Today there is a great variety of different sizes of pallets and constructions with various materials on the market. The selection of a suitable pallet depends on the deployment. One-way distribution versus multi-way and pool system. The load as well demands specific material or construction. The brick or cement industry has other needs than the food / fruit production industry. In addition, the story will go on. The pallet will get a fundamental part of industry 4.0. Equipped with smart labels pallets will contain information of the planned distribution chain as well as the load. In addition, the pallet device will be able to exchange data in corresponding networks. The presentation will give an overview about the present development.



Biography: Education: Studies in Production Technology and Material Flow Technologies at the University of Dortmund Activities: German Standard Institute DIN (CEN, ISO), VDA (Association German Automobile), VDI (German Engineer Association) Guideline VDI 2700, BDVI, BGL.

Competitiveness, Load Stability, Cargo Securing and Sustainability travel together. A Real Business Case



Angel David Hernandez
Senior Consultant & EUMOS Founding Member, Valueing




Juan Luis Miranda
Operational Excellence Director
Coca Cola European Partners




VALUEING & COCA COLA have been able to standardize Secondary and Tertiary Packaging after a deep analysis of all Iberian Plants, all Formats and all lines with hundreds of lab tests.

This paper is a shared vision VALUEING-COCA COLA about Unitization of Bundle, Unitization of Pallet, Unitization on Trucks and all handling along the entire Logistic Chain demonstrate that Load Stability, Cargo Securing and Sustainability is compatible with Competitiveness.



Advancements in Testing for e-Commerce and Other Technical Developments



Eric Hiser
Vice President - Technical



Discover what new test protocols have been developed to address the needs of ecommerce as well as what changes have been made to existing ISTA tests. In addition, gain insights to other initiatives and work being done within ISTA and its Technical Community that could have a direct impact to your business.



Biography: Michigan State University – Bachelors of Science in Packaging; Member of ASTM International Committee D-10 on Packaging Testing Standards, IoPP Certified Packaging Professional (CPP), and an Active Member of IoPP Transport Packaging Committee.

Analysis of Transportation by Drone



Victor Huart, PhD
Research and Development Manager



Today, a variety of transportation exists. Most of these types of transportation (truck, plane, boat, train, delivery by car or scooter) are well known and commonly analyzed.

Recently, Amazon has emitted the idea to convey some little goods by an atypical transportation type: the drone.

This device, mainly used for leisure, is in fact, a fast and simple delivery system. Although this idea is very interesting, there are no studies or measures referring to the transportation by drone. Vibrations and movements of these devices are obviously a source of stresses, but which ones?

In this presentation, we will study vibrations and accelerations felt by goods using this flying device, during each conveying phases (take off, flying phase, landing).

In France, for example, legislation forbid drone to fly at an altitude higher than 150m. So, we will analyze the characteristics of an accidental crash of goods from this altitude.



Biography: Packaging engineer of the ESIReims (packaging engineering school of Reims). Afterward, he has released its PhD on the packaging, mechanical behaviors and the transport industrial risks.

Dimensional Weight; A Game of Fractions



Robert Meisner
Packaging Program Director and Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin Stout



Dimensional weight pricing is used by many carriers and can have a dramatic impact on a company’s profitability. The presentation will briefly discuss the evolution of dimensional weight and use examples to illustrate the impact small changes in package size can have on dimensional weight. The goal of the presentation is to provide attendees with a better understanding of carrier dimensional weight policy, teach them how to apply the mathematical formulas and use them to minimize potential dimensional weight charges.



Biography: Education: BS Industrial Technology-UW Stout 1994; MS Packaging Science-Rochester Institute of Technology 2004. Activities: Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP); ISTA ; ASTM D-10. Achievements: ISTA:CPLP Professional; IoPP: Fellow, lifetime CPP, past Member of the Year; Association for Packaging and Process Technologies (PMMI): Outstanding Educator of the Year.

The NVC Innovation Project Web Retail Packaging: Working Together on the Sustained Future of e-commerce via Packaging Innovation



Michael Nieuwesteeg
Managing Director
NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre






Finding Answers to the Logistics Needs of e-Commerce Food Shippers



Martin Seburschenich
Packaging Consultant
United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. & Co. OHG



Every week new players enter the area of selling food over the internet. Besides the large well known food enterprises which offer the complete range of groceries from frozen fish to fresh salads online, small newly founded companies intrude the market. They provide special offers regarding recipes, menus or types of food.

These small and middle new ventures are experts in their core business and services but have many questions concerning the field of logistics. One essential question is how will their food arrive in pristine condition to their customers in time and to acceptable costs?

Takeaway: The participants will learn the importance of understanding how the delivery process (the so called ‘Last mile’), packaging design and commodity requirements interact and have a massive influence on customer satisfaction.



Virtual Simulation of Package Testing: Considerations for Material Characterization, Modeling & Simulation for Testing of Engineered Packaging Solutions



Matt Thompson
Executive Director - Packaging Technology
Sealed Air



The presentation will provide a summary of more than 2 years of work by a team of R&D engineers and packaging experts focusing on non-traditional requirements for testing of foam packaging materials. An overview will be provided regarding the development of material and simulation models for virtual drop testing. Three different use cases will be described. The presentation will show how we use over 30 years of transmitted shock data gathered in our dynamics labs as a baseline for our data-driven packaging design process. It will show how we automatically generate multiple packaging designs and then virtually drop test them… always looking for solutions with the correct balance of cost, performance and sustainability for our customers.



Biography: Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging from San Jose State University in California.

The Investigation of Shock and Vibration of Tracks During Transport for Museum Objects



Hiroshi Wada
Senior Manager of Preventive Conservation
Tokyo National Museum



Tokyo National Museum keeps trying to record and analyze the acceleration during transport of museum objects. We believe there are three steps in order to make a safe packaging design scientific for museum objects.

Step 1: Investigate the acceleration and vibration detected on the transport vehicles.
Step 2: Investigate response of packaging materials to such acceleration and vibration.
Step 3: Investigate the response of the museum objects to such acceleration and vibration.

We are collecting the data of shock and vibration during transport for museum objects recently for these purposes. There are many tracks which are specially made for museum objects that are used for transport in Japan.

This presentation shows the data of tracks and also shows the subjects of transport for museum objects.



Biography: Education: MA of Human and Environmental Studies from Kyoto University (1999). Activities: Since 2000, working as a conservation scientist at the Tokyo National Museum. Specialist for the preservation environment, exhibition environment, and transport environment of cultural properties. Board member of The Japan Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property. Member of ICOM (International Council of Museums), IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works).

Corrugated Boxes: HP Setting a New Internal Standard for Box Strength Calculation and How to Make Use of Semi Chemical Papers for Airfreight Weight Reductions



Stefan Wenner
Packaging Logistics Program Lead



HP has worldwide production sites with a major focus on Asia. The selection of the right corrugated box strength for IT hardware products has to consider the impacts of different transportation modes, length and duration of transport. They also have to consider the weakening by humidity and poor box manufacturing. In a company where each business group used to define the box strength separately, we show the results of a new standardized method to come up with BCT and Burst strength values for boxes.

A case study is shown how Highest Quality Semi-Chemical Box Fluting material can provide benefits outside of the typical application in Humidity, Frozen Food or Dangerous good - to save airfreight weight.



Biography: Education: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering /Material Flow Systems and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. Achievements: Packaging related patents and currently looks into establishing new container sizes, develop new packaging materials and challenging many individual packaging and palletizing solutions.

e-Commerce from a Consumer Packaging Perspective



James White
Project Manager
Smithers Pira






Biography: Education: BEng Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lancaster University. Professional Activities: Over 5 years’ experience in laboratory distribution testing with experience across a broad range of distribution related fields.

Success in e-Commerce and Export



Eva Zurita
Product & Purchase Manager



The increase in e-Commerce and export causes a huge daily shipment of many products that much reach its destination successfully to the destiny an also to keep the brand image.

There are different handicaps to take into account: volume, weight, group of diverse products, fragility, returns, and customization.



Biography: Education: Master Degree in Marketing and Degree in Germanic studies. Professional Activities: Product management in several companies as a Seat, Asein Ingenieros.